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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning


Companies that sell household cleaners containing dangerous or toxic chemical ingredients are, nevertheless, great at marketing. You may see a commercial for a cleaner that promises to get your kitchen or bathroom cleaner than it's ever been, but do you take a moment to consider what ingredients are in that bottle and what effect they may have on your family, home and the environment? Whether you do your own home cleaning or hire a cleaning service, there are definitely benefits to ensuring that eco-friendly products are used in the cleaning process.

Benefits of Going Green

  • Safer Products - When you read the labels of some cleaners on the shelf at the supermarket, you have to wonder how they are legal to sell. You'll see terms such as “toxic” and “danger” used quite liberally. All-natural cleaners do not have the corrosive ingredients that can injure the skin of the person doing the cleaning. You also have to wonder what these ingredients are doing wherever they end up when you rinse off the tub or sink you've just cleaned, and some of the product invariably goes down the drain. You don't need to fear for your family's safety or a negative impact on the environment when you use all-natural products. 
  • Healthier Home - This is related to the "safer products" benefit. Whenever you use products that have potentially dangerous chemicals in them, your skin will be absorbing them, and you may be inhaling them as well. They may also leave residues behind that you wouldn't want your pet or small children traipsing through. There have been studies done on the correlation between over-the-counter cleaning sprays and developing asthma. A healthier home for your family may be the single most important reason to go with green cleaning products. 
  • Less Expensive - Usually, when something is better it costs more, but this is not always the case, and switching from chemical to green cleaners is certainly one of these exceptions. You can potentially create very potent and useful eco-friendly cleaners from natural products that you already have right in your home. It's hard to beat literally not having to spend any money since you've already got the stuff. These include alternative uses of items such as baking soda, which you might already have for deodorizing your refrigerator and white vinegar, which many homeowners already have in the cupboard. eco-friendly cleaners
  • Doing Your Part for the Environment - It's increasingly rare today to find people who are not concerned about the environment and how they might be negatively impacting it. You may think that you switching to green cleaners isn't really going to make much of a difference, but that's not the way to look at it. You certainly have a sphere of influence with friends and family, so it's important to serve as an example so others will act in a positive manner regarding the environment. 

Adding Convenience to Green Cleaning

If you are looking for excellent green cleaning products coupled with the convenience of not having to run out to the store to buy them every month, then look no further than CleanPacs. At CleanPacs, we are proud to be a company offering exceptionally effective cleaning products that are ideal for your home, family and the environment. 

We offer a starting kit that includes three reusable bottles to contain our kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaners. To automatically receive more cleaner each month, you can subscribe to receive them at an interval of your choice. The best part is that we only send the packets of each cleaner to you on subsequent orders, so you're able to save on shipping and reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up on landfills. To see what our CleanPacs cleaners can do to make your home sparkle while making your family and the environment healthier, please try our CleanPacs kit, and you'll never want to give up on the convenience and unbeatable green clean.

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