How to Clean Your Toilet - Check Out CleanPacs' Step By Step Guide


How to Clean Your Toilet - Step By Step Guide


At CleanPacs, we are all about helping you keep your home clean in an eco-friendly manner that's also safe and economical for your family. Cleaning may be a chore that you don't look forward to, but it's one of those necessities of life to keep your home sanitary and looking its best. One important part of your overall cleaning efforts is the bathroom, and the toilet may be the one thing most in need of keeping clean. 

You should give your toilet a good cleaning about once a week, but even if life is hectic, don't let it go more than two weeks. It's important to give it a thorough cleaning each time. You'll need certain tools for the job to make it easier, and these include CleanPacs bathroom cleaner, a pumice stone, toilet brush, scrubbing sponge and a microfiber cloth.

Steps for Cleaning the Inside of the Toilet

  • Start by turning off the water to the toilet. You then want to flush to empty all the water out.
  • You spray the CleanPacs bathroom cleaner all around the inside of the toilet bowl. After donning gloves, you then scrub the bowl, including under the rim, with the scrubbing sponge.
  • At this point, you can add a cup of white vinegar to the toilet bowl, and let it sit there for up to an hour. Simply turn the water on and flush afterward.
  • If the inside of your bowl has stains or rings, then you want to take the extra step, while your toilet bowl was empty of water, of using a pumice stone combined with the sprayed CleanPacs bathroom cleaner and a little effort, and they'll come right out.

How to Clean the Outside of Your Toilet

You'll want to start at the top of your toilet tank. Start out by spraying the CleanPacs bathroom cleaner on each surface before wiping it down with the microfiber cloth. This will ensure you get maximum cleaning and deodorizing accomplished for your effort. 

You should use a fairly large microfiber cloth, and you'll find it helpful to fold it in eighths. This way you can fold it over and over while cleaning, so you'll be using a fresh surface of the cloth each time you move to another surface on the toilet. After getting the top of the tank, move down its sides and get the flusher handle. Next, spray and wipe off the top and bottom of the toilet lid and then the seat. As far as the toilet itself, you finish with the outside of the bowl and the base after you get the area where the toilet seat and tank meet. Finally, especially if you have boys in the house, you'll want to clean the floor area immediately around the toilet. 

Saving Money and the Environment

At CleanPacs, we pride ourselves on offering cleaning supplies for homeowners like yourself that are eco-friendly, very affordable, and safe and healthy for your home and family. We bring you all of this with added convenience as well. When you do an initial order with us, we send you three plastic bottles and then the kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaner products in little packets that you mix with water in the reusable bottles. Then, on reorders, we only send the packets of cleaner out to you, so you save on shipping, and the reusable bottles means that fewer will be sitting on landfills. Our cleaners are an integral part of getting your toilet and every other part of your home clean, sanitary and sparkling like new all while knowing you're keeping your kids and pets safe from toxic cleaners you might otherwise be using.

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