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Steps to Clean Wooden Decks


Wooden decks in the backyard patio look incredibly aesthetic; we can’t deny that. But, that ravishing look needs to be maintained if you want your wooden decks to remain functional for years to come. We have a step-by-step guide to cleaning your wooden decks to ensure they look good as new.


The process:

Many people are unaware of cleaning and maintaining their wooden decks or they haven't been doing it the right way. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean wooden decks, along with some helpful tips:


1. Clear the deck

 Greens do more than just add a colorful element to your outdoor wooden decks. Although, you’ll have to put your eco-friendly friends aside for this chore. If there are any plants, shrubs, or flower pots on your deck, you have to keep them somewhere else temporarily while you're cleaning the deck. The high pressure of water or the cleaner can prove harmful for them. The same goes for any chairs, grills, or toys that you keep on your deck. 

A helpful tip: If you can't stash them somewhere else easily, another alternative is to water them and cover them with a piece of plastic tarp. Similarly, if there's no place to store the chairs, grills, or toys while you clean the deck, you can work in two parts. Move the things to one side while you clean the other.


2. Sweep the deck

 Clear all the debris and dirt by sweeping the deck. Dead leaves, broken twigs, and dirt make their way to the surface and accumulate there. We’re guessing this spot might also be in the list of spots you don’t clean. So, don’t miss out on the spaces between the boards. Otherwise, there's a chance that the leaves will decompose, causing the entire dock to rot eventually. If it's a second-story deck, clean the underside and the stairs by going beneath. 

Some tips: Use a putty knife and clear all the nooks and crannies. If you're having trouble sweeping the debris, you can even wash it away using a pressure washer, but make sure the water spray isn't too hard to damage the wood.


3. Apply the cleaning solution and scrub

Choose any cleaner that works well for you. We suggest CleanPacs all-purpose cleaner to get rid of any stains, dirt, and dust without damaging the surface. Dip a paint roller or a brush with stiff bristles in the cleaner, and apply it on the deck's surface generously and vigorously. Once the entire deck has been treated to a cleaner, let it sit for a while. 

Some tips: Before you apply the cleaner, pour a few drops onto a test area to ensure no discoloration or damage occurs. A nylon bristle brush is an ideal choice. Try to schedule the cleaning on a cloudy day, as the boards will be cool, and there won't be any sun to evaporate the cleaner.


4. Rinse

Now that you've got the cleaner all across the deck and have let it sit for a while, it's time to rinse. If you have a pressure washer, that'll save you a lot of time and energy. Otherwise, you can also work with a garden hose.


5. Seal the deck

 After it has dried, seal your deck using a sealer, or apply a stain. Sealers help protect your deck from harmful UV radiations and act as a water-resistant layer, which increases the life of your deck and prevents water damage and mildew or mold infestation. Use a brush or a foam roller to coat the entire surface as well as the railings and benches. Let the sealer dry before moving your things back onto your now gleaming wood deck. 

Some tips: Before using the sealer, apply some sand to eliminate the small pieces of dirt and loose debris caused by washing. If you're confused, two thin coats of sealer or stain are more effective than a single thick coat.

Final Take

Now that you know how to make wooden decks squeaky clean, it’s time to step out and get down to it. Experts actually recommend cleaning wooden decks properly twice a year. So, add it to your list of bi-annual chores!

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