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Still Cold in Your Area? Here's How to Keep Your Bedroom Warm & Cozy

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Strip away the layers in the Summer, but once Winter makes a comeback, you'll want that warmth and coziness back. Bedrooms are a safe space, meaning you can hibernate in them all day if you'd like. So, what's stopping you from making your bedroom extra cozy in the freezing winters? Try these tips without breaking the bank on new heating systems:


Warmer Bedding

With the arrival of winter, it's time to change your percale sheets for flannel. Wash the thin blankets one last time before you stack them up in the cupboard for the season, and whip out the warmer quilts. You can even use double layers if the cold penetrates. Another efficient way is to use an electric blanket, although it has its hazards and you should use it cautiously. Don't place another layer on top of the electric blanket as it will result in the latter getting overheated and could potentially start a fire. Electric mattress pads have now been introduced, and these make the bed very cozy by providing heat from the innermost layer of bedding.


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Ovens and Cooking

During the winter, you feel more inclined towards drinking than eating, but you'll never say no to a freshly cooked, steaming dish of your liking, whether it's a bowl of noodles or a pot of stew. The warm food and the heat from the oven, or stove, combined will keep the house warm for hours. Due to the phenomenon of diffusion, the hot air, along with the smell of delicious food, the heat will travel to your room and raise the temperature. However, don't turn on the stove just for heating your room, as it increases the carbon monoxide levels.


Wind and Insulation

This method can help in two ways. Thick layers of insulation will trap the heat inside the room and won't let it escape, and it will also block any wind that tries to make its way into your room. Make sure none of your doors or windows are open as they are a major source of icy cold wind gushing into your room from the outside. Hang two curtains with a liner in between. The curtains will block any wind from entering and will also allow sunlight to add its contribution. If you can't use curtains, go for makeshift curtains. Use a piece of towel, clothing, or a floor mat that's warm; anything to keep the heat inside and prevent wind from entering. You can also insulate and pad the walls and ceiling with any type of glass fiber or plastic foam. Cotton and cellulose are also excellent insulators. Ensure your walls are strong, thick, and permanent because that is the most important barrier between your room and the outer environment. This way, you’ll keep your room warm and cozy while reducing the carbon footprint produced by excessive use of heaters.


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Area Rugs

Getting up and placing your feet on a cold tiled floor first thing in the morning is nothing less than torture in the winter season. There is the carpeting technique, but that requires a majority of the room to be carpeted wall-to-wall. Rugs are a better option if you only want them in specific areas instead of the entire room. Another benefit is that you can place various rugs in rooms according to what pleases your aesthetic sense.


Dirty Filters and Blocked Radiators

If your central heating system isn't centrally heating your home, and more specifically, your room, there may be a fault or two in the filter. Maybe there’s too much dust trapped in it. If the air ventilation system in your home isn’t working properly, it can affect the overall air quality inside. Cleaning the filter will provide larger currents of warm air to move through the filter, and no dust particles will block the airflow. A cloth in front of your radiator will block the heat that should otherwise travel through the entire room. Furniture and other various items can get in the way of warm air. So, make sure you place the radiator in such a way where nothing can restrict the normal airflow.


Candles and Heaters

Nothing beats the heat that comes directly from fire. The best and most appropriate way to keep your room warm with a fire source is by using a heater. If you're not that big a fan of heaters or your room doesn't have space for a heater, you can go for a candle or two, which could also give the room a romantic touch. You may also go for portable electric heaters, but make sure it is positioned at a respectable distance from the bedding.


Final Verdict

Now that you have these ways on your fingertips, give your bedroom the warmth and coziness it's been missing! It's relatively easier to make a room warm than to cool it down. Throw your jacket on and work through these helpful tips when winters arrive.

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