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Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Work-From-Home Space

eco friendly tips

The COVID-19 virus worldwide has brought several changes in the traditional manner of how we did things, one of which is work. Organizations have shifted their employees to remote work instead of the typical 9-5 office hours. The likelihood is that this remote working trend is not going away anytime soon even if the pandemic does. During this period, some tips to make your work-from-home space more eco-friendly will significantly help in going greener, increase your productivity, and reduce those overwhelming numbers on the monthly utility bills. Here are some tips you need to try for an eco-friendly home office.


Redecorate the Area

The plain, boring nook of your home that you’ve named as your home office will hardly get your productivity juices running when you sit down to work. It’s not about stocking the furniture in one spot of your home, but redecorating the place for the perfect work-from-home corner. Clean your office area thoroughly before redecorating it. Ideally, choose a corner that has windows surrounding it to make the most of natural lighting. Buy furniture with eco-friendly material that's also durable like bamboo wood. Or, maybe visit an online website or your local thrift store to pick out some classic, one-of-a-kind second-hand furniture pieces. The idea is to give a personal touch to your home office so it's a place you'd want to work in. 


Digitize Your Work

You’ve probably heard it a million times but let us remind you once more- go digital! You probably don’t need all the hardcopy files you’re printing and collecting in your drawers. Instead, store and access your files electronically and ditch the printer. That'll reduce your paper wastage and the financial burden of buying ink cartridges and paper. When desperate times call for desperate measures and you absolutely have to look towards your printer, utilize eco-friendly printing options such as print in black and white, use recycled paper, and double-sided printing. Dispose of the paper in the recycle bin, or the compost bin if it's shredded.


sleep mode to save energy

Reduce Your Energy Usage

We waste more energy daily than we realize. Work your way to becoming more sustainable at home while you’re working remotely. Thinking of switching your desktop to sleep mode or power-saving mode? It's still draining the electricity from the outlets. The incandescent bulbs you buy at the store just because they're cheaper than LED bulbs turn out to be a more expensive option in the long-term because they spike the electricity bill for the same amount of light. Plugged-in electronics consume energy as long as they remain plugged in. Therefore, switch off the devices and lights when you're not using them, opt for energy-saving devices like LED bulbs, and unplug your extensions. 


Place Indoor Plants

When you're stuck inside your office and have to handle all the office work from your work-from-home space, why not bring nature right back inside your home? Investing in indoor plants may seem like an overwhelming idea with the thoughts of having to give them the ideal temperature and taking care of them every day. However, some plants require minimum maintenance, e.g., succulents and cacti. Indoor plants will bring a refreshing sight to your work desk and improve the air quality. If you’re not a big fan of plants piling up on your desk, consider hanging plants.


Go For Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Disposable stationery items that double as office supplies belong in the last decade. Why not make use of the tons of online stationery stores and get a few supplies that make you want to work. Shop for recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable items like whiteboards, paperless notebooks, refillable ink pens, eco-friendly pens, etc. The options are unlimited once you’re looking into them.

eco-friendly supplies

Final Take

While corporate organizations do have a bigger impact on the environment, the collective work of individuals in making their day-to-day routine more eco-friendly does not end up wasted. Make your home office attractive while taking care of the environment; you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

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