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Hacks for Organizing Small Apartments

organizing your small apartment


Let's be real- small apartments come with their own set of problems, one of which is fully utilizing the limited spaces to their utmost potential. While you're bringing in more and more stuff into the house to make it feel like your home, sometimes it becomes very difficult to organize a studio apartment. There's so much to store and organize and so little space! Good thing for you; we've compiled some pretty clever ideas right here to get you started.

Look for Unexpected Storage Spaces

Whenever the words 'storage space' comes up, many automatically think about new storage cupboards, shelves, etc. These take up plenty of space in your already cluttered studio apartment. Instead, experts advise maximizing unexpected storage spaces. The area under the bed is an excellent option for this. Or, maybe you could try storing your everyday essentials under the bathroom sink. If you’ve placed your fridge in a corner, the small side area could hide a movable storage shelf. Don’t overlook the doors when it comes to hanging a few items using hacks or hooks. 


Multipurpose Furniture is Worth Every Penny

No apartment can do without furniture; it's a necessity. But, when you've limited space and you need the furniture in your apartment, what do you choose? Both, actually! Multipurpose furniture is a trend that has small apartment owners swooning over this new idea, and it's a trend that's here to stay. When you need a coffee table for the living room, why not get one with tons of storage space? Even a coffee table stool could do this job. Remember the sofa-cum-bed idea that took the world by storm? That's the perfect example of multifunctional furniture that can assist in organizing your small apartment. 

multipurpose furniture

The Infinite Possibilities with Wall Space

When low on space, move up! We don't suggest stuffing your available area so much that it becomes a pigeon house. In fact, nobody does. When the floors no longer have space for you to install storage cabinets and shelves, the walls are your friend. Vertical storage comes with numerous ideas, all for you to take advantage of and use this space. Build vertical storage shelves wherever you can, or you can simply install a piece of plywood if you're not a fan of a proper vertical storage shelf. Floating shelves? This is exactly where they come into play. You could even hang some closet items like hats or belts to declutter your closet while also making your walls look more aesthetic.


Corners Lead the Race

In small apartments, it’s all about how you make use of every nook and cranny of your home without making it look cramped. We’re going for a minimalistic approach, but also one that has the storage space you need. With that in mind, use the corners of your apartment for organizing the clutter. Think of a shelf that goes there, or rearrange your furniture so that the corners are utilized and you have more space in the middle. You could go for a makeshift corner closet in your bedroom too. Another option is to set up a work desk in the corner. You could utilize your current work-from-home area in another way. The options are endless once you put your mind to them.


Opt for Smaller

Yes, the whole idea is confusing. Some say bigger saves space, while others reaffirm that bigger is not always better. The general idea for small apartments is that you should go for smaller, wherever you can, especially when it comes to storage organizers. Instead of huge organizers that don't have many usages but take up space that you can use more strategically, go for small, minimalistic organizers. They’re functional regarding more storage space but won’t have every corner of your apartment covered, making it confined. 

Final Take

A small apartment isn’t the end of the world. Rather, look at it this way- it’s not about how much area you have, but what you do with it. A little creativity here and there makes a world of difference when it comes to organizing your apartment elegantly.

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